Adults use adult coloring books for therapy

Adults use adult coloring books for therapy

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Therapists say a popular trend can be therapeutic. Adult coloring books have swept the nation among adults as users say they relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. Adults who color say the books free their mind from whatever is causing stress.

"It's an opportunity for me to close out the world and focus on something," said adult coloring fan Delma Porter. "It allows me to spend time and forget those things going around; the election, conflict in the world, and so we just focus on making something look pretty on the page."

A Lake Charles therapist, Eddie Windham, backs the trend saying the temporary break from thinking of stressful situations is therapeutic. Windham also says the rocking motion of the hand while coloring soothes the neurological system.

"There is some real therapeutic value in it," said Windham. "The adult coloring books have real small sections so when you're coloring you're having to focus on staying in that little section so it's difficult to focus on that and the stressful thing or upsetting thing that you're trying to take a break from."

A group of Lake Charles adults meets at least once a month for an adult coloring therapy session.

"It's a therapeutic session that helps adults relieve stress and anxiety," said Sabrina Dowies. "The trend just started picking up. The activity was being spread and more stores were selling these books."

You can find out about the group HERE.

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