200 and counting: Sugartown woman sews blankets for sick children

200 and counting: Sugartown woman sews blankets for sick children

SUGARTOWN, LA (KPLC) - A Sugartown woman is on a mission to bring comfort to children with cancer and other chronic diseases around the world.  Alison Greene is doing it all from her sewing room, one stitch at a time.

Greene's sewing machine is where she has found a way to give back to more than 200 sick children from Louisiana to almost every other state in the U.S., even countries overseas.

"The farthest would be Sugartown all the way to South Africa," she said.

In just two years, Greene has sewn hundreds of blankets for children with cancer, heart problems, and other life-threatening illnesses.

"Right now on this table, I have like 61 ready to go," she said, "I counted them this morning."

61 more blankets, ready to bring warmth and comfort to sick children, a cause that is deeply personal for Greene.  Her son, Justin, is a childhood cancer survivor.

"Your life changes overnight," she said.  "What you knew the day before is totally different the next day."

Justin's journey to beat two rounds of leukemia required five years of chemotherapy.  Greene saw first-hand what a piece of home, a soft blanket, could mean in a hospital or chemo bay.

"That was his comfort," she said.  "That was his comfort that he had with him."

Through Green's Facebook page, Ali's Nic Nacs by Alison King Greene, and word-of-mouth, she connects with families who could use this personal gift.  Nine-year-old Shaun Smith of Pitkin has leukemia.  He treasures his blanket and his parents treasure Greene's support.

"She's been through it, too," said Shaun's father, Shaun.  "She knows exactly, exactly what we're going through.  It's great, it's heart-warming really that people do stuff like that."

Greene has only been able to meet two of the 200 plus children on the receiving end of these blankets.  She says she cannot wait to see the pictures posted to her Facebook page once a child opens his or her package containing the homemade blanket.

"I feel like I have another child," she said.  "It's just that one thing that we have in common, even though we don't know each other."

Greene says that at times, the magnitude of what these children are enduring becomes too much.

"It gets emotional," she said.  "Sometimes I do have to step back, take a couple of days off."

But then, there are reminders like Shaun, that make her get back behind her machine.

"Thank you," he said.

A+ Monograms Express in Lake Charles and Bayou Embroidery in DeRidder donate their services to stitch the child's name, even a favorite Bible verse, on each blanket.

Greene relies solely on donations of fabric and money to cover postage for these blankets.  Each blanket requires four yards of fabric.  You can drop off fabric donations of cotton prints and fleece for warmth to A+ Monograms Express at 3941 Ryan Street, Suite F in Lake Charles.

You can also mail your donations to Ali's Nic Nacs at P.O. Box 44, Sugartown, Louisiana, 70662.  

Click here to connect to Ali's Nic Nacs by Alison King Greene on Facebook.

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