City council approves 'In God We Trust' bumper stickers for city vehicles

City council approves 'In God We Trust' bumper stickers for city vehicles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The "In God We Trust" bumper stickers are popping up on law enforcement vehicles across Southwest Louisiana — vehicles in Westlake, Sulphur, Rosepine, Leesville and the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office have them, just to name a few. But the City of Lake Charles is taking it a step further.

Those opposed to the bumper stickers have voiced concerns that religion should be kept separate. But Wednesday night, it was a unanimous vote of support, not controversy.

At the Lake Charles City Council meeting, the five council members present unanimously voted to move forward with "In God We Trust" bumper stickers for marked, city-owned vehicles and city buildings.

"We are just reflecting our motto 'In God We Trust'. We're not trying to change anybody's religion or trying to push a religion on anyone," explained sponsor Rodney Geyen.

Geyen said they're merely following the footsteps of so many others.

"The City of Sulphur is involved. They were one of the forerunners with this project and we're just kind of latching on behind, he said.

While there has been opposition at previous meetings from residents and the ACLU — that wasn't the case Wednesday.

"I rise in support of this display 'In God We Trust.' It is about time we stand up for what we believe in and fight against those trying to oppress us," said Lake Charles resident Alfred Caesar.

Caesar, along with council member John Ieyoub, said they're also willing to donate to the fund. 
"The night you put it on the agenda, I felt strongly enough in our nations motto to ask you if I could co-sponsor with you," said John Ieyoub.

While funding will come strictly through donations and not taxpayer money, as far as when the public can expect to start seeing the stickers, Geyen said, "ASAP. Right away."

While stickers can already be seen on city marshal vehicles, Marshal Joey Alcede said the general public is already following suit.

"I think the Diocese just ordered a hundred stickers, so you're going to start seeing lot of this done through religious organizations for the public," he said.

Geyen said people interested in donating money for the 'In God We Trust' decals can make checks out to: City of Lake Charles.

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