Trailer park residents go without water for nearly two days

Trailer park residents go without water for nearly two days

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Imagine having no water at your house for two days. That's what residents of a trailer park off Tousaint Road have had to deal with.

Most residents don't speak up for fear of being evicted.

Norris Malveaux said his close friend lives in the trailer park.

"We got kids out here, been out of water going on two days. They can't take a shower or nothing," he said.

Malveaux said most residents bought bottled water to try to get by.

"The children gotta brush their teeth, comb their hair, get ready for school, gotta take a wash off in the morning, take a bath and stuff from school," he said.

The park manager said the extended outage was because needed parts were not immediately available.  The water is now on but that doesn't make the residents any less angry.
 Residents and landlords may want to keep in mind that if a situation starts to reach crisis proportions, there are agencies such as the Red Cross willing to help.

"It's a sad situation and I wish we would have been contacted or notified. There is something we could have done to help these people." said Red Cross Disaster Specialist Craig Ryan, who is certain they could have helped with water and hygiene.

"We needed to get them bottled water as soon as possible and then we need to get them into a hygiene situation where they can clean up or they can brush their teeth or wash their faces or take a shower."

Ryan encourages residents and landlords to contact the Red Cross in such situations. He said if the Red Cross cannot help, they will help find someone who can.

Again, the Red Cross encourages people to call them when emergency help is needed.  Ryan said they can only provide help if someone alerts them to the need.

Malveaux said there are other problems in the trailer park, such as rodents and other pests.

"If we don't speak, ain't nobody going to know.  People need to talk up. All these things should be cut. They got snakes. A child could get bit," he said.

Malveaux hopes speaking up will get help for people at the park.

To contact the Southwest Louisiana chapter of the American Red Cross click here.

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