Lake Charles police chief reacts to officer death ranking

Lake Charles police chief reacts to officer death ranking
As members of law enforcement across the state are still grieving the loss of Louisiana Senior State Trooper Steven Vincent we learn another officer was gunned down in Sunset. Now the state is tied with Texas--having the highest number of law enforcement deaths in the country for 2015.
Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon said it best.
"Anytime an officer no matter what is hurt or dies we all bleed," he said.

Law enforcement across Louisiana has been hurt quite a bit this year. The latest officer to die in the line of duty, Sunset police officer Henry Nelson, was shot and killed Wednesday-- just three days after Vincent was gunned down near Bell City.
"We're sitting here grieving and then I'm following the news and the news alerts about what's going on in Sunset and you hear the officer died and it's officer Nelson Sunset Police Department," Dixon recalled.   

With the latest fatal police shooting Louisiana is now tied with Texas--having 9 officers die in the line of duty in 2015--the most in the country. In Louisiana five have been a result of gunfire--three in the month of August alone.

"These are trying times. I've been FBI 30 years, Chief of Police almost 14 years and I've never quite seen it like this," he said.

Dixon said training is essential and his department runs through drills annually.

"As we're speaking we're undergoing our annual defensive tactics where we learn how to disarm, do take-downs, and handcuffing drills, how to approach a subject, how to talk to a subject," he added.

But no matter the amount of training Dixon said any situation could be deadly.

"You meet the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time who doesn't care about their survival and sometime want to die by cop, suicide by cop, it makes it very tough,"
Dixon said.

According to the website, only one officer in Texas has died as a result of gunfire. In Louisiana 5 have died by gunfire.  

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