Police investigating rash of burglaries, believe teens involved

Police investigating rash of burglaries, believe teens involved

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lake Charles police are investigating a string of vehicle break-ins along Meadow Drive.

Brinda Honora has lived in the neighborhood for more than three years. She said she heard a noise Thursday night but didnt think anything of it.

"After we didn't see anyone we just dismissed it," Honora said.

The next morning, the neighborhood she said is normally quiet was turned upside down as burglars broke into at least four vehicles.

Lake Charles Deputy Police Chief  Mark Kraus said investigators are busy looking into the incident.

"Our obligation now is to find out who's responsible for this," he said.

Authorities believe teenagers were involved because nothing was missing from the cars.

"Let's just say kids are walking through the neighborhood and they don't have anything to do and their parents aren't paying attention to what they should be paying attention to and that's their kids, Kraus said. They go walk through a neighborhood and they say let me look in this car and see if I can find me 20 bucks in change or something and they pop it open.

Police said these break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Once "bad guys" are inside, they look for quick items like cellphones and shopping bags left in the front seat. Leaving valuables visible in your front seat is an invitation for burglars. It's something Honora said she never does. She believes its probably what made the difference Friday morning.

"We didn't really have anything in the car that was worth stealing. so I think that may have deterred them from doing any other damage to the car," Honora said.

Most of the cars hit in the crime spree were unlocked. It
s a mistake Kraus said can happen to anyone.

"Sometimes good people forget to lock their car door and that's where these little petty criminals come in and try to seize that moment," Kraus said.

Honora said even though criminals didn't steal her property they did rob her of her positive outlook.

"We really can't trust anybody. We have to be alert all the times, she said. We treat everything, every noise as something that we really should check out."

Police said locking car doors and joining neighborhood watch programs can help prevent these types of crimes.

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