DeQuincy targeted by fake news site ... again

DeQuincy targeted by fake news site ... again

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - The City of DeQuincy has again become the target of a fake news story.

First, it was bath salts and gay zombies. Then a ban on twerking. Now, it's the legalization of polygamy.

That's according to The News Examiner, a web site that reports both fake and real news.

The News Examiner even produced a video about the story, which mobile users can view HERE.

The fake story quotes Tom Downey, who the article says is the mayor of DeQuincy. The real mayor is Lawrence Henagan.

"There's no gosh darn reason that if a man loves a woman and another woman and another woman and maybe even another woman, they shouldn't all be allowed to get married," the story quoted Downey.

The News Examiner also has a fake story claiming DeQuincy banned talking about the color of any dress, referring to a widespread Internet debate in February.

The person behind the stories is Paul Horner, an "Internet news satirist and writer."

Horner, who left National Report to start the News Examiner, penned at least three other fake news stories about DeQuincy when he was working for the National Report.

The fake story which grabbed the most headlines came in September 2013 when Horner wrote a story about DeQuincy outlawing twerking..

Horner has also written about a gay zombie attack and a ban on Koreans.

In his bio, Horner said he picked DeQuincy, because "my friend Brandon Adams said there is like 4,000 people that live there, and all they do is drink Old Milwaukee's Best and beat their wives."

Horner said he continued to use DeQuincy in his stories because of "the threats of death and castration."

"I had continued to write about them was because they sent me death threats and threatened castration," he said.

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