Strangers could make physical copy of your key with online service

Strangers could make physical copy of your key with online service

What if a stranger walked into your home? An online service now makes it easy for anyone with access to your key to make a copy of it.

was founded in 2013. All it takes is a front and back picture of a key to have a physical copy mailed to your door.

"We were talking with some property managers," said Keys Duplicated co-founder Jordan Meyer. "We were finding that they kept having to run to the hardware store two, three, times a week and we thought there must be a better way to do this to kind of let them do this without having to go to a physical store."

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso worries it is another outlet to criminals.

"Things like this come along and it makes your wonder 'oh my God, they're going to be able tot take a picture, send them off, get them made, and wow they have a duplicate of someone's business, someone's home," said Mancuso.

So far, Keys Duplicated has not received any reports of duplication misuse and extra security efforts aim to prevent criminals from using the tool.

"We will accept keys that are on key rings, but it can't be taken too far away, it can't be too blurry, look like it was taken in a rush, and we do screen for those types of things," said Meyer.

Some safety tips Keys Duplicated suggests: Don't leave them out on a desk or table, don't give the full key chain to the valet, and most importantly refrain from posting pictures of your keys on social media.