Locals write & produce "American Sniper" song

Locals write & produce "American Sniper" song

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A song based on the life of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle is gaining popularity. It was written last week by some local songwriters and put to a music video that's being shared by a lot of people.

While the Oscar-nominated movie has stirred debate over Kyle's celebrated career singer Brad Brinkley proudly sings the song.

"It's easy to judge somebody when you haven't been in their shoes. If you seek first to understand people... and then be understood you gotta listen to their story first," said Brinkley.

Brinkley may have provided the vocals to the song, but Randy & Jordan Boudreaux wrote the song over breakfast after watching reports of Kyle on the news.

"We were talking and he started... and the words started coming. Then I started... and then we said let's go back to the office as quick a we can. God was dropping the song," said Randy Boudreaux, Bou Boy'z Entertainment, Backroads & Beyond Radio.

It took the father and son duo 15 minutes to write the song. The two wrote it on Monday. With the help of Chris Lognion from Media Post, they produced a music video that is now being shared on social media.

"I was really intrigued by the story. I look at somebody who leaves his family and leaves everything he knows behind to go and fight for other people. That's a pretty awesome thing to do," said Jordan Boudreaux, Bou Boy'z Entertainment, Backroads & Beyond Radio.

While the song is a heartfelt reminder of Kyle's sacrifice and service, Brinkley said it's also a tribute to every soldier who puts on the uniform.

"I feel like anybody that is willing to go out there and fight for our country and what we believe in and what our country was founded on -- they should be honored," said Brinkley.

To see the official video click here.

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