Free app to check health reports for all Louisiana restaurants

Free app to check health reports for all Louisiana restaurants

If one of your favorite restaurants failed a health inspection for dirty dishes, food stored improperly, or employees not practicing good hygiene, would you want to know?  Now there is an app for that, putting state health reports for restaurants and bars at your fingertips.

The app is called "

" and is free for iPhone and Android users. It was all started by Chris Peoples and Jake Van Dyke from Georgia, who own Modern Appsolutions.

The pair was tr

ying to decide on a restaurant to go to one night.  They got on the topic of restaurant health inspections and realized how cumbersome it is to access reports for nearby restaurants, even though they are public information.  "We wanted to ask, 'Here I am. What restaurants have good inspection scores around me?'" said Peoples.  "These are the types of questions we tried to answer with 'What The Health.'"

is one of the first states to receive What the Health updates.  Seven other states and Washington, D.C. also have "What the Health" access and more are in beta testing.

Here's how it works: the app is location-based and retrieves the first 100 nearby restaurants.  The results are listed by those closest to you, with a letter grade made visible and the latest report from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals listing any violations.

Not all of the states give actual scores or letter grades.  Louisiana is one of those states.

Peoples says when this issue arises, they assign a score to each violation and subtract the total from 100.  "The points that a violation is worth are different depending on how critical it is and if it was a repeat violation," said Peoples.  "The grading system is accurately calculated according to each violation an establishment receives.  When you see a grade and a score for a restaurant, it is well justified when you actually look at the inspection report and violations that restaurant received."

If you are traveling to another part of the state, you can search a restaurant by name, city or score.  

In addition to restaurants and bars, hospital cafeterias, day cares and schools are also included in the health inspections.

Click here to download the app for iPhone/iPad or Android for free.



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