Study: Economic expansion bringing 22,000 new residents

Study: Economic expansion bringing 22,000 new residents

The GO Group announced the results of a regional impact study at a public meeting Friday morning in the Lake Charles Civic Center.

The Southwest Louisiana Regional Impact Study looked at expected population and economic growth in the five-parish area, including 19 industrial projects with a projected capital expenditure of $85 billion.

The study focused on transportation, education, public safety, public health, workforce development, utilities, the environment, small businesses and community relations.

According to the study, the five-parish area will acquire about 22,000 new residents; 6,000 new students in grades K-12; 14,000 temporary housing units and 8,000 permanent housing unites by 2019.

Employment is expected to increase 4.7 percent annually through 2019, with a projected unemployment rate of 3.0 percent.

Freight output in the region (via waterways, railways and pipelines) could double by 2021, and there is a projected 45 percent increase in traffic delays in the area, compared to 2014 figures.

Travis Woodard, who presented the study, said our area could become the largest center of job creation in the country.

Calcasieu Parish Administrator, Bryan Beam, said that this study is only the starting point and that additional studies on transportation and housing are underway.

The study was sponsored by

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, with assistance from

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