Protesters ask Wendy's to join Fair Food Program

Protesters ask Wendy's to join Fair Food Program
Protesters targeted a Wendy's in Lake Charles joining a nation-wide protest claiming the fast food chain should do more to stop what they call modern day slavery.

The group, armed with signs and handouts, stood in front of Wendy's at the corner of Common and East McNeese. They're demanding the corporation joins The Fair Food Program. It's an organization that asks companies to pay 1.5 cents more per pound to ensure workers in tomato fields in Southern Florida are protected from injustices.

The organizer of the protest Rusty Havens said, "The tomato fields in southern Florida, for the past 10 years, injustices like modern day slavery, sexual abuse, and violence, have plagued the tomato fields."

Wendy's told KPLC, "We do not believe that it is appropriate for us to compensate individuals who work for another company. Because of our high standards we already pay a premium to our tomato suppliers in Florida, and we expect them to compensate and take care of their employees. The harvesters work for them. Importantly, all of our tomato suppliers in Florida have signed and abide by the Fair Food Code of Conduct which covers worker health and safety, complaint investigation and more."

Protester Sharon Dugas said, "It's a new day, a new generation. We shouldn't have to be out here protesting to bring awareness to the fact that there's still slavery in this country, in this city."

Other fast food corporations that have joined include McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, and Taco Bell.

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