New Facebook messenger app raising questions on privacy

New Facebook messenger app raising questions on privacy

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Facebook mobile app no longer lets users message their friends; they now have to download the new Facebook messenger app, which has a long list of privacy agreements.

“I heard on the radio or something that they're going to eventually be able to see where you are and just like post it automatically," said Facebook mobile app user Elizabeth Lemons of Lake Charles. "So, I think that's going to make people want to delete their Facebookaltogetherr."

The new app wants permission to call and text phone numbers, record audio and even take pictures and video.

"Yea that definitely freaks me outs," said another user Christina Siriphone of Moss Bluff. "I just don't understand how that happens. Why do they have to force us to download messenger? That's just sketchy, to be forced to do something."

According to

, Facebook says even though the permissions list includes things like the ability to read text messages, they say they only use that access to confirm phone numbers and ask to record audio so you can do things like take a video or video chat, but some people are still unsure about it.

"I try to avoid it," said Siriphone. "I just keep going back home until it goes back to normal because it just sketches me out that you have to do it. So, I just kind of don't really message anymore on Facebook I suppose."

Other Facebook users say they've downloaded the app and they're fine with it.

Both the Android and the iPhone messenger apps are subject to the data use policies and terms that govern all Facebook users.

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