Meet Donald, the four-legged duckling from Sulphur

Meet Donald, the four-legged duckling from Sulphur

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Hatching animals is nothing new to one local family, but they were surprised when one of their young ducklings was a little different.

The duckling has not two but four legs.

Claude Aucoin said he has hatched more than 1,000 ducks in his lifetime, but he was shocked with this surprise.

"I've never seen this before. I've never seen anything remotely close to this," Aucoin said. "I've had animals my entire life, and I've never had anything like this."

The duckling grew a fan base when Aucoin's daughter, Kylie, quickly exposed the duck, who goes by Donald, on social media.

"I just started telling everyone about it, and he went viral," Kylie said. "People were talking about it and sharing it, and I just think he's something special."

This little duck has shocked everyone who has encountered him, and when the family is asked how this happened, they said it must have been a birth defect.

Luckily, the duck is in no harm and gets around fine even with his extra legs.

"I've heard of animals that don't survive, but he's eating he's drinking, walking around," Aucoin said.

The duckling visited University Animal Clinic in Lake Charles, where the vet said Donald is healthy but needs daily physical therapy with his leg to help it work properly.

Donald has been a special treat to everyone who meets him, and the family plans to make sure this four-legged duckling lives a happy and healthy life.

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