Clock is ticking for 13-year-old girl wanting to be adopted

Clock is ticking for 13-year-old girl wanting to be adopted
Published: Jun. 4, 2014 at 1:55 PM CDT
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The clock is ticking for a 13-year-old girl in foster care.  Danielle has waited for several years to be adopted and is well aware that if that does not happen in the next couple of years she will "age out" of the system, leaving her on her own without a family.

At Tabby Town's Creation Station in Lake Charles, self-proclaimed "girly girl," Danielle, is taking it all in.  From her own signature perfume to tasty lip gloss and her own forever pet, she puts her creativity to the test and has a blast doing it.  "It perfect," said Danielle.

Danielle says if she could do anything for one day, this is the place she would be, where she hopes her wishes will come true.

This soon-to-be eighth grader has been in foster care for several years.  As she filled out her new stuffed animal's adoption paper, she explained her understanding of adoption.  "That you stay in that place forever."

Forever.  That is what Danielle wants with a new family.

I asked Danielle what she would want to say to a person willing to adopt her.  "That I'd be excited to come with you," she said.

Danielle has been with her foster mom, Vickie Moreno, for the past three years.  "She has a lot of love, she has a great personality," said Moreno, "you wouldn't have to instill a lot into her, she would bring a lot with her."

Both Vickie and Danielle's adoption worker, Katrina Evans with the Department of Children & Family Services, know that if an adoption does not happen soon, this beautiful young lady with so much potential is at a much higher risk of aging out of foster care.  "That means that if by the time a child turns 18, that a permanent home has not been found for them," said Evans, "when they turn 18, it can be a scary time."

Danielle is very open-minded about who her parents could be.  She says it does not matter the race, the city, the number of children in the home or if it's a married couple versus a single parent.

When I asked Danielle if the thought of getting adopted was exciting or scary, she had this to say.  "It's a little of both.  Scary because I won't know them and I would be going to a new place, but exciting because I would stay there and have a family."

Danielle does well in school and hopes to become a veterinarian.  "Because I like animals and nature," she said.

This bright young lady says she has been through some tough times, but still shines and wants an adoptive family to know this: "That I'm awesome," she said.

Danielle is ready to be adopted through the Department of Children & Family Services.  Call 337-491-2470 to make an inquiry.

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