Supporters of Sulphur officer involved in fatal dog shooting speak out

SULPHUR, LA - There's been quite the controversy, especially on social media, since a Sulphur police officer shot and killed a 14-month-old dog while on duty last week.

"Our employees and our police department, they're in turmoil right now," said newly elected mayor Chris Duncan at his victory party Saturday night. "They're getting the backlash of it and it's not really fair to them."

Support for the dog, Arzy, has gained local and national attention, but the Sulphur Police Department, who's been receiving daily phone calls on the incident and even getting death threats, has sparked an online support group of their own where some people are showing Support for Officer Thierbach.

The page was created on May 3rd, just five days after the shooting incident. The page features opinions via posts and pictures and words from people who appear to know Thierbach openly showing support

"Brian Thierbach was a very successful state trooper who did so many great things in his career. He put many drug dealers in prison helping protect the citizens of the state. He has a long list of commendations for his hard work as a narcotics detective and was one of the leading detectives in this state with cases and felony arrests until his retirement from LSP."

Friend and former colleague of Thierbach Art Mishler of Fort Worth, Texas saying they were both detectives for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office narcotics division and met around 2000.

"He's a good guy," said Mishler. "Very good policeman, very honest man, a lot of integrity. It's an emotional issue and I understand they're upset. Everybody loves dogs, Brian's a dog owner, he loves dog. I understand the pain."

Mishler also says he spoke to Thierbach since the incident and says Thierbach says he wishes it never happened.

"He wished things turned out differently," said Mishler. "I'm sure everybody wishes things turned out differently."

Thierbach is on administrative leave and the police department is still investigating the case with the help of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.

They have not made any comments.

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