Astros love their Louisiana fans

Astros love their Louisiana fans
Published: Apr. 30, 2014 at 9:46 AM CDT
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Since the 1960s, the Houston Astros have entertained fans of all ages, including those here in Southwest Louisiana.  Astros President Reid Ryan tells me the team continues it's marketing efforts to Cajuns.

"You know the great thing about Louisiana is that they've always been Astros fans," said Ryan. "It's an easy drive.  You can get over here to Minute Maid Park.  There are plenty of hotels down here for folks to come see the Astros.  In fact, I've connected with quite a few people that come in every weekend from Louisiana to come watch the Astros."

The Astros like to hold theme nights for their fans.  On a recent night, fans got a free Astros umbrella. Thursdays are dollar hot dog nights and Friday nights are for fireworks.  On the Friday night I visited, veterans of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom got to meet the players and enjoy the game.

"When we were overseas and deployed, guys would gather around to watch the games that were televised on Armed Forces Network," said Mike Garrett. "It's kind of like that.  Being able to sit around with the guys and enjoy a baseball game in the afternoon."

"It's the bonding," said Baron Green, also a veteran. "You never know what your brother and sister are going through.  To be together, sit together, eat together, drink together.  You will always know."

And longtime fans don't mind whether the Astros are going through a slump.  They'll still be here.

"Yes sir.  I'm here every game," said Valentin Jalono.  "I want to enjoy being here with my friends and everybody else.  Watching the Astros, too, whether they win or lose.  I'm still here.  Every game."

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