Jennings parents show support for saggy pants ban

Parents support saggy pants ban

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - It's time to pull up those saggy pants in Jeff Davis Parish. The police jury recently passed the ordinance that will take effect early next month.

"I don't want my grandchild seeing someone's rear end," said Betty Ballard.

The answer seems to be all the same for Jeff Davis parents.

"I mean who would want their daughter looking at some guy's butt," said Brandon Chaisson.

They're showing strong support against saggy pants.

"What are we teaching our children and our sons, is it okay to wear your pants past your butt," said Anisha Willis. "Nah it's not okay."

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ivy Woods said asking people to pull up saggy pants is nothing new, but now it has to actually be enforced.

"If I'm driving around and have time I'll ask them to pull it up, because I see it as a total disregard for the respect of other people around you," said Woods.

With the new ordinance, Woods said it's now up to the deputies discretion if they want to issue a warning or a fine.

But Woods said he's actually seen a decrease in saggy pants over the last year.

"I don't see as much as I did years ago," said Woods. "For instance, two or three years ago there was a lot of it, but now it's not as much."

But to these parents, a decrease is not enough. They're happy to see pants that sag go away completely.

"I support it and think it's a good thing, because I really don't want to walk past someone and see their underpants," said Willis.

"No one wants to see what you got underneath your clothes," said Ballard. "It's disgusting!"

The City of Lake Charles passed a similar ordinance several years ago. Deputy Chief Mark Kraus said 90% of the time they give citizens a warning. If the person does not pull up their pants immediately then a ticket will be given.

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