Sunrise birthday surprise from producer's deployed husband

It was a special morning on Friday's Sunrise!  We kept our co-producer, Erin Miller, in the dark about a birthday surprise from her deployed husband.  Here is the background:

Erin is originally from New York.  Her husband, 1st Lt. Graham Miller, is from New Jersey.  The couple married in January 2013 and has been stationed at Ft. Polk because of Graham's job with the U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team.

In September, Graham was deployed to Afghanistan with the 705th EOD.  He will be back soon, but knew he would not make it in time to celebrate Erin's 25th birthday on February 28.

Graham came up with the idea to record a short video message for Erin and have the Sunrise team surprise her with it on live television.  Our director, Todd Taylor, took it one step further by having a live camera on Erin during the moment the surprise was revealed.

The reaction: priceless.  We all had to wipe away tears and wish Erin the happiest of birthdays!  Thank you, 1st Lt. Graham Miller, for making all of our days brighter - and more importantly, for defending our country.  We salute you!

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