Every student receives a laptop at Vinton Middle School

Published: Feb. 20, 2014 at 2:04 AM CST
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(Source: CPSB)
(Source: CPSB)

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - With technology becoming more and more part of everyday life, students at one Calcasieu Parish school can now learn with technology instantly at their fingertips.

All students at Vinton Middle School now have their very own laptops.

"The kids will go home with them, the kids will travel with them all day long, and they will take them home and bring them back to school," said Technology Leader at Vinton Middle School, Kelly Izard.

"Being one of the smallest middle schools in the parish we were thrilled that these children in this small town would have such a large opportunity in front of them," said Vinton Middle School Principal, Gena Granger.

Kayden McFarlin already sees the opportunity ahead of him. He may only be in 8th grade, but he already knows he wants to be a radiologist. He said his very own laptop is a step in the right direction.

"The x-rays, you have to know how to guesswork computers in radiology," said McFarlin.

Kayden and the other students at Vinton Middle School are the first in the district to receive their own laptops. All 225 students get a computer.

The laptops come from a $10 million property tax bond that the Vinton community voted on to benefit the three schools in the town

"It says a lot for our parents that they wanted their kids to be advanced and successful," said Izard.

Teachers can now give students tests, post grades, and give other learning materials through programs on the laptops.

But for Kayden, he's just happy for the chance to see his school advance.

"It gives the entire student body an easier way to communicate and a better learning environment," said McFarlin.

With the new laptops, Vinton school officials said students have been learning about cyber safety all year long.

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