Parent speaks out on teacher screaming at student

Parent speaks out on teacher screaming at student
(Source: CPSB per Robert Vizena)
(Source: CPSB per Robert Vizena)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - A parent is speaking out tonight about an incident that happened to her son, a 7th grade student at W.W. Lewis Middle School.

She says her son's teacher bullied him in class. The teacher says he's sorry and it was a rare moment of frustration.

It's a story no parent wants to hear, that their child was screamed at by their teacher, in front of the entire class. On the other hand, many can sympathize with teachers who deal with disruptive students. But was that the case here?

One student captured the incident on her camera phone.

"You're one of the worst students I've ever seen in my entire life," screamed Robert Vizena, a French teacher at W.W. Lewis Middle School.

Although Brigette Harris has watched the video of her son's teacher yell at him so many times, she says it's still a shock.

"The things he yelled and screamed at my son, just inches away from his head, picking up and slamming the desk. My son's back is against the wall. It's just horrible," said Harris.

Brigette says her 13-year-old son is nowhere near a trouble maker and only asked to go to the office, to sign up his girlfriend for the winter dance.

"And the teacher just snapped," said Harris.

Brigette says her son asked her the next day if the principal had called, she said no and asked why. After hearing her son explain what happened, she waited to hear from the school, until, "I finally got the video 10 days after it actually happened and when I saw it I immediately went up to the school."

By then it was already viral. She says the principal told her they were handling it.

"He said there were certain steps they were going to take to ensure this wouldn't go on. One of the things was an apology letter," said Harris.

She says only Monday did she receive that letter, almost two months after the incident.

The teacher sent KPLC a statement, saying, "The incident in the video was a rare moment of frustration for me…" He also says he "apologized to the student and the entire class" adding that he is "participating in anger management counseling."

But Brigette says it clearly isn't enough.

KPLC spoke to another parent today who didn't want to be interviewed on camera but says her son currently has Vizena as a teacher and the outbursts are nothing new and continue to happen.

Brigette says when the video was posted online; one comment continues to haunt her.

"'Wow, some things never change' and this one statement is from a student that graduated from Sulphur High last year. And this is going on still," said Harris.

Brigette says her son was switched to another French teacher after the incident, but she's worried he'll still have him next year, since he's the only teacher certified to teach 8th grade French, according to Harris.

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