Girl Scouts battling allegations of support for Planned Parenthood

The girl scouts have been in the news recently and it might not be for the reason you think.

The girl scouts have been marked by some pro-life groups as supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood.

The girl scouts boycott is targeting specifically the cookies sales.Pro-life groups say part of the proceeds supports Pro-choice groups.

"Our mission is to build girls of courage, confidence and character and make the world a better place.", says Erin Turner of the Louisiana Girl Scouts.

That's the goal of the girl scouts of Louisiana even as they are at the center of a controversy that they're not sure how they became a part of.

"There is a national boycott going on started by some pro-life groups with a certain agenda in mind. it doesn't really make any sense to me. I'm not really sure why they're boycotting, because I think it's based on some false information that keeps re-circulating on the internet. "Turner elaborated on the situation.

That's what the girl scouts are just trying to get cleared up.

"There's been some allegations about partnerships with planned parenthood, but we have not had a past, present or planned relationship with them as well as GS USA that's our national organization."

Organization officials say that the girl scouts don't make political statements.

"We do not take a stance on abortion, birth control, sexuality, reproduction anything like that. that is not something that is appropriate for a girl scout meeting, we feel it's best discussed in the family setting not a girl scout troop.", says Turner.

Girl Scout officials say that all the proceeds stay within the local Girl Scout council, minus the cut that is paid to the bakers.

Their program 'how the cookie crumbles' breaks down where the money goes.

"It shows what portions of the proceeds go to what and we definitely try to maintain that level of transparency with the community so that everybody knows what it is that their money is going when they buy that box of cookies."

So, when you're buying girl scout cookies this year just know that you're helping to support your community and helping young girls.

"It's a really fun time of the year for them, so buying cookies is only beneficial to them, it helps them."

Girl Scout officials have said that there's traditionally a history of attack on the girl scouts during this time of the year because of their increased visibility.

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