Jeff Davis 8: Why A.G. Buddy Caldwell doesn't intervene

The discovery of Lacie Fontenot's body in Lake Arthur last Friday renewed concern about the mystery deaths of eight women in Jeff Davis Parish.

While Fontenot's death doesn't appear to be related, some question why the state attorney general doesn't intervene and take over the unsolved cases.

The mystery surrounding the deaths of eight women in Jeff Davis Parish now spans almost a decade.

The first gruesome discovery was in 2005 when the body of Loretta Chaisson was discovered in a canal off Highway 1126.  The 8th body was Necole Guillory-- found off Interstate 10 in 2009.
The recent death of Lacie Fontenot has not been linked to the others. Still, some ask why Attorney General Buddy Caldwell doesn't take over the investigation of the 8 unsolved cases. Caldwell says it doesn't work that way.

"The attorney general's office has absolutely zero jurisdiction and control over that investigation. We do have members who are taking part and give assistance for checking information in that matter, but we don't have authority to take it over," said Caldwell.

The Jeff Davis Sheriff's office is in charge of the case, though Caldwell has furnished representatives to a multi-agency task force. And he says they are willing to assist however they can.

"Everyone of us is really interested in getting the case solved.  And as you may well know, serial killers are all around the country and if they were easy to solve it should've been done. In my view it's very likely that the person who was doing this has either moved out of the area or is now in prison," said Caldwell.

Caldwell says he shares the frustrations those who want the mystery solved. He says investigative efforts must continue and evidence sought.

"All's well that ends well and what you want to do is you want to get the responsible killer or killers and that's not an easy thing to do," he said.

The task force includes 14 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies working to bring those responsible to justice.    We also talked with Caldwell about the investigation into Cameron Parish School Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue.

Rodrigue came under fire concerning a $50,000 payment she received in December of 2012.   She says the money was pay raises she was entitled to, but didn't take while financial times were hard.

The investigation likely examined other issues brought up by concerned citizens and school board members.

State Police submitted their findings to Cameron D.A. Cecil Sanner.  He recused himself and turned it over to the attorney general.  Caldwell says his office received the report on Monday.

"The fact that we've received a report is no indication that anything has been done wrong. The purpose of us receiving the report is to see if there is any misconduct or anything within the report that warrants further investigation, if it's an ethical problem or a civil matter, if any laws have been broken," said Caldwell.

No word on when the Attorney General's office will finish reviewing the report or whether it will be presented to a grand jury.

Anyone with information that could help solve the mystery of the Jeff Davis 8 is encouraged to contact the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Department.

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