Jeff Davis Parish deputy shoots and kills dog; owner seeks answers

Jeff Davis Parish deputy shoots and kills dog; owner seeks answers
Published: Jan. 16, 2014 at 11:31 PM CST|Updated: Mar. 2, 2018 at 5:16 PM CST
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Coco. (Source: Jacob Authement)
Coco. (Source: Jacob Authement)

JENNINGS, LA (AP) - Jacob Authement has a love for pit bulls.

What used to be seven pit bulls is now six after Authement claims a Jeff Davis Parish deputy shot and killed his dog Coco during a call out in his area.

"My dog was underneath the tailgate of my uncle's truck when he shot and killed her," said Authement, who had Coco since she was a puppy.

'He could've tazed her just as easily as he shot her," Authement said. "But he chose to shoot my dog instead of tazing her or even give me a warning. He didn't tell me to put my dog in the house or nothing, he just shot my dog."

Jeff Davis Sheriff Ivy Woods said a deputy was on a call in Authement's area around 11 a.m. after neighbors complained of four-wheelers being driven down Elton Road north of Jennings.

"She noticed that he was here so she started barking," Authement said. "She came running through the gate and instead of him hopping in his vehicle, he backs up almost all the way to the road. I told her to stop and she stopped. She continued barking but she stopped."

Authement said as he ran to get his dog, the deputy already had his gun drawn. He claims the deputy backed farther away behind his car and shot Coco in the head.

"Even a Chihuahua's going to bark when somebody new comes in the yard," Authement said. "Would he have shot a Chihuahua if a Chihuahua would've came running up? No."

Authement just wants to know why?

"He didn't even give me a chance to grab my dog," Authement said. "He just shot her. I was five feet from my dog, I could've grabbed her. She was my child, I had her before I had any kids. I lost my first child today pretty much and I just want justice for it."

Authement filed a complaint with the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Woods said the deputy, a K-9 officer, felt justified shooting the dog because he said he felt threatened.

The deputy involved will continue to work while the inquiry continues.

Sheriff Woods said another incident like this happened in November when a deputy shot a dog because he said it was coming to attack him.

Woods said he recommends that pets should always be on a leash or behind a fence with a sign warning people about the animal.

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