Police: Incident that left two dead was murder-suicide

(Erica Bivens / KPLC)
(Erica Bivens / KPLC)

City police have confirmed that the bodies found Wednesday at an Arlington Drive home were the result of a murder-suicide.

Sgt. Richard Harrell said that Kody Todd Fontenot, 32, shot Mia Katherine Trahan, 25, before turning the gun on himself.

Trahan, of Lake Charles, and Fontenot, of Branch, were found shot to death inside a home at 164 Arlington Drive after noon.

"At approximately 12:13 p.m., we received a call for a welfare concern in the 100 block of Arlington Street," Harrell said in a news release.

Kevin LaFleur, who lived next door to Trahan, spoke with KPLC about the incident.

"When I went to leave for lunch a little after 12. I walked out my door, and there were three (officers) by my door," LaFleur said. "They told me to get back in the house, and that's when I noticed there were like a hundred others."

LaFleur said police told him they were looking for the boyfriend of a woman that lived in the duplex next door.

"It was one of the craziest things I've ever been involved with," LaFleur said. "They had no idea if he was inside that home or if he was hiding around the neighborhood. So they were wandering all around my home and the home on the other side of me -- all over the neighborhood really."

LaFleur said he didn't know the neighbors well, because they had only lived there a few months.

"I'd wave to her every now and then when I'd get home in the evenings. And I believe she had a boyfriend that visited fairly often, and she'd been there 3 or 4 months," he said.

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