State police arrest over 1,000 during 'Operation Carpe Diem'

Published: Dec. 20, 2013 at 6:40 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 26, 2013 at 2:55 PM CST
(Source: mgnonline)

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal joined Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson and other law enforcement personnel to highlight the conclusion of the state's Carpe Diem initiative, a seven-week mission that deployed troopers across the state to focus on crime apprehension related to drugs, illegal weapons, fugitives and sex crimes.  Over 160 troopers were deployed for the mission, which included patrol units, detectives, narcotics officers, special crimes units, intelligence officers, and air support. The effort was made possible through the state's partnerships with local law enforcement across the state.

The mission, known as Operation Carpe Diem, concluded earlier this week. The statewide effort resulted in more than 1,000 criminal arrests, the seizure of more than $6.5 million in illegal drugs and the recovery of over 100 illegal weapons. Over 600 fugitive charges were also brought by State Police. The specially trained team of troopers was deployed in late October, assigned to specific highways and problem areas identified by Louisiana's Fusion Center. The troopers focused on a wide range of criminal activities cited by local sheriffs and police as being high priority in their respective jurisdictions.

Governor Jindal said, "When I entered office, I said one of our top priorities was to protect our people, and that means keeping criminals off the streets so they can be brought to justice. That's why we made a commitment to partner with law enforcement across our state to pursue criminals more aggressively and keep our communities safe. The results of this operation are proof of that commitment, and its success shows what can happen when local law enforcement and the state pool expertise together with the common goal of making Louisiana safer for our people. We're grateful to the law enforcement men and women across our state who fight fearlessly every day to keep our communities safe and put more criminals behind bars. The Louisiana State Police will continue partnering with sheriffs and local police so we can continue to seek out illegal activity and press forward in our fight on crime."

"An operation like this is unprecedented in the history of State Police, and the final results are staggering.  This is a great example of what can be done to make our state safer. I could not be prouder of this organization and all who contributed," said Colonel Mike Edmonson, State Police Superintendent. "By working through the Fusion Center and with local law enforcement authorities in setting our patrol priorities, resources were directed towards illegal drugs, illegal weapons, fugitives and sex crimes.

Throughout the nearly two month operation, troopers from various sections of the Department of Public Safety were assigned to teams utilizing the experience and specialized training of the department's members while working closely with local and federal partners. Arrests varied from illegal narcotics trafficking, illegal weapons violations, theft, fugitive warrants, human trafficking, juvenile pornography, and sex offender violations.

• 1,025 total statewide arrests

• $6.5 million of narcotics seized

• $340,802  suspected drug currency seized

• 556 narcotics charges

• 112 illegal weapons seized

• 60 instances of illegal carrying of weapons

• 637 fugitive charges

• 36 possession of stolen property charges

• 48 arrests for various sex crimes

• 27 prostitution/human trafficking charges

• 5 Internet Solicitation of Juveniles charges

• 9 child pornography charges

• 3 juveniles rescued