Active shooter drill practiced at DeRidder High School

Active shooter drill practiced at DeRidder High School

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - If you drove by DeRidder High School Thursday morning, you may have seen first responders and law enforcement vehicles parked outside.

It was just a drill, but students experienced what could happen if a gunman entered their school.

School officials were quick to say it's unfortunate they need to prepare for these types of scenarios, but that they'd rather be prepared.

As two gunmen walked the halls, gunshots echoing, it looked like a real life scenario. But today was just a drill.

Assistant Principal of Discipline, Harry Hooker, explains, "We're hosting this active shooter on campus drill to help prepare, respond, and evaluate our current plan of action here at DeRidder High School."

As the gunmen checked various classrooms, DeRidder Police Chief, John Gott explains how they would respond.

"We would get the initial 911 request; our officers would be dispatched. We would approach and enter the school and deal with, if it's an active shooter, or whatever the case may be," said Gott.

And several agencies participated in the drill, from local and state law enforcement to first responders.

School officials say the whole purpose of the drill is to be prepared and know what to do, should this scenario actually happen.

"Practice makes perfect. You're going to do what you practice," said Chief Gott.

Beauregard Parish Sheriff, Ricky Moses added, "Naturally you're not going to be totally prepared when something like this happens but it's good to practice these types of situations as much as possible."

While the school district already has a comprehensive plan in place, Hooker says they wanted a specific one for them.

"We have a large faculty and staff, and we want to give everyone an opportunity to help but we want to tailor it down to fit the needs of DeRidder High School," explained Hooker.

Despite the fake injuries, which could happen, law enforcement was able to secure the gunmen and evacuate all students and staff.

Officials say the drill went smoothly and they practice worst-case scenarios, so they can be prepared for anything.

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