Residents asked to leave DeQuincy trailer park to make way for development

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - The industrial expansion coming to Southwest Louisiana means more housing will be needed and that need means business opportunities for those who can provide housing.

Off La. 12 near DeQuincy is the Old Pratt Trailer Park.

Many of the homes are in disrepair and neighbors say there are serious problems.

"I've had prior tenants come onto my property hunting, trespassing, doing whatever they can ... stealing wood, cutting trees down without asking. A lot of these septic tanks here are failing; they are leaking bad," said Walter Johnson.

The park has new owners who plan a new development there.

Cheri Hollie is an agent for the new owners, TTL Investments. She said they will fix up the place.

"There are trailers here that don't even have floors. There are trailers with travel trailers attached with an extension cord, with FEMA tarps. These people deserve and need something better than that," Hollie said.

But to build a new park, most residents will have to leave.

Olan Marcantel said he is disabled from a work injury.

"Really, I just don't have nowhere to go. There's nowhere around here that will accept these trailers and we just having trouble finding a place to put them," said Marcantel.

Residents have been offered $500 to sell their trailers or for moving expenses if they leave within a week.

"We feel that is fair. This whole month of July we're not charging anybody rent at all," Hollie said.

Having to leave is difficult on people. Some like Albert Clark don't even have vehicles.

"It's put us in a bind. I'm stretched for money because I'm on a fixed income and it's hard," Clark said.

Hollie said they hope to have some government-subsidized housing that may allow some displaced residents to return.

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