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Just a reminder for you - 7News at Noon will not be shown today and tomorrow. NBC is broadcasting the French Open during our regular time slot.

We'll be back on Monday, and you can catch the latest news on later editions today. You can also find the latest on our website at kplctv.com.

Here's a sampling at what you'll find there:

June 6, 1944: Never forget. Today, commemorations of the 69th anniversary of D-Day have begun in France and around the country. This morning, there was a quiet ceremony at the American cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach. Read more about that observance HERE.

A budget deal is up for a vote today in Baton Rouge in the 2013 Legislative session's final hours. We'll have more later today on lawmakers' action.

Also, in Georgia, a family had to bury their show goats after the animals were attacked by pit bulls. Animal control officers in that community are trying to catch the dogs. Read that story HERE.

And mold dangers are not always visible to the eye. Read about the dangers that could be lurking in your home HERE.

And Ben is working to update you on the latest in weather. Find that information HERE.

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