Littering in Welsh parks frustrates officials

Littering in Welsh parks frustrates officials
(Source: City of Welsh)
(Source: City of Welsh)

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - It happened not once, but twice in Welsh.

"We came out and what we found was someone had eaten crawfish and threw the heads all over the ground," said Recreation Director, Michelle Ramagos.

She said people are using Richmond Park in Welsh as a trash dump, especially when it comes to crawfish.

"You know, we shouldn't have to clean this up every day when there's a trash can 20 yards from the playground equipment where they were eating crawfish," said Ramagos.

Ramagos also said the city has a problem with people damaging door knobs and riding horses in the parks. Balloons were even scattered on the ground on Thursday at Richmond Park.

She doesn't know who is to blame for the crawfish crimes, but she does think the solution to the littering and vandalism is community involvement.

"Like I said, if we could just get more people involved, when they see something going on and they know it's not supposed to take place, call the police station, city hall or call myself," said Ramagos.

She said she doesn't need the community to necessarily help clean up messes, but to just take notice of their parks.

Officials in Welsh want residents to report any suspicious behavior at the local parks. Officials also said they're staying on top of the recent crimes.

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