Rain dampens grass business

Rain dampens grass business
(Source: Stacy Zech/ MGN Online)
(Source: Stacy Zech/ MGN Online)

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - It's often said "it never rains in Tiger Stadium," but will Wednesday's rains affect Les Miles' favorite pre-game snack?

Turf Grass farms in Welsh provides sod for businesses, homes and sports complexes throughout Louisiana.

While the grass does need water to grow, recent heavy rains and cool temperatures for the beginning of April has put harvesting on hold.

Co-owner of Turf Grass farms, Mandy Walker, said sod cutter machines will damage the fields if they try to harvest when the ground is too wet.

"We can't harvest grass, so we are not generating sales revenue," Walker said.

The nearly three inches of rain near the Welsh farm early Wednesday is not the only problem.

"When the temperatures are cold like they are now, the grass quits growing. We are not only missing out on sales now, but the inventory that we should be selling later in the summer is not growing," Walker said.

Walker said Wednesday's rain will push work back four or five days.

Turf Grass Farm is in business five days a week, regardless of the weather. Walker said when rain comes, the employees still get a paycheck.

"This morning we picked up limbs and cleaned up from the storm, but they also do maintenance on the equipment. We make sure everything is ready to go so when we get out in the field there is no delay," she said.

Unpredictable weather won't stop production at the farm. Walker said the rain isn't anything they haven't seen before.

"We were pulling up the numbers and comparing to years past and this year is actually not abnormal," Walker said.

Fortunately, Miles' grass will be in full supply.

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