Newest member of Hance family arrives home

A Lake Charles couple was given just a few days notice that they were selected as the adoptive parents for a baby girl.

The mother was full term, and Jake and Jessica Hance were days away from a lifelong dream of becoming parents.

The couple had recently started saving for an adoption. Shortly after, they were contacted by an agency with a mother looking for adoptive parents.

Jake and Jessica, ecstatic to hear the news, were quickly concerned when they realized they did not have the $32,250 required.

With the mother set to give birth any day, the couple was ready to throw in the towel when they decided to create a Facebook group.

The group did more than generate 500 plus likes. It brought in the $32,250 in just three days.

Less than a week after the group was created, the couple headed to Shreveport where the mother was giving birth.

On Sunday night, the couple arrived back home in Lake Charles with their newest family member, little Eliana.

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