Couple raises money for adoption through Facebook

Couple raises money to adopt through Facebook

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Jake and Jessica Hance have struggled for years to expand their family. The couple said they tried to become pregnant and struggled with infertility.

After draining their wallets on doctor visits, the couple began to think about adoption. It wasn't until they received what they call a sign from God that the process began.

"I opened the mailbox and there was a note attached to it that said they loved us and wanted us to take the financial blessing as a way to start our family," Jessica Hance said.

The anonymous letter left $700 with the couple.

"That was our sign from God that we were looking for," Jake Hance said.

Jake began a second job as a school bus driver as a way to begin saving for adoption. They decided they would save enough money and then begin the process. However, the process began much sooner.

"I contacted an agency in July of 2011 just to talk about the legal stuff and ask questions," Jessica said. "I only left her my number."

More than two years later, Jessica got a call from that agency.

"She told me who she was and said she spoke with me in 2011. She said she knew we wanted to adopt and asked if we were still interested."

The adoption process can be a long and drawn out process for many couples, but for the Hance family, that was not the case.

Jessica said, "They said they had a birth mother who was giving birth very quickly and had rejected all of the other profiles."

Eventually, the mother chose Jake and Jessica, but their excitement quickly became stress.

"They told us we needed $32,250 and we needed it within 72 hours after the baby's birth," Jessica said.

With their dream within reach, the couple spent hours trying to determine how they could come up with the money they did not have.

"We thought why don't we build a Facebook page?" Just three days after the page, "Help Jake & Jessica Adopt," was created, the couple reached their goal.

"There's no other explanation for it, but God's hands are totally on this," Jake said. "A few days ago, we were ready to throw in the towel and a few days later, God met the need."

During their interview with KPLC, Jessica received the call from the agency and the couple headed off to Shreveport where the birth mother lives.

They hope to come back to Lake Charles a bigger family.