Louisiana Traveler - Coke artist

Louisiana Traveler: Coke signs

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - They are hard to miss: Those displays advertising Coca-Cola products in area grocery stores.

Many shoppers think they are just a kit out of a box, designed by some ad agency. But they are actually the brainchild of Steve Cape, who works at Coca-Cola in Lake Charles.

"I am the P-O-S specialist," said Cape. "That's what they call me. Point of Sale. You know people think POS means. I kind of laughed when I heard that. But they were proud that they gave me that title."

Steve has been doing this for close to 30 years. He gave me a private tour of his workshop.

"We make anything from posters to life-size stand-ups. This truck took me a while to get it made. After I made the first one, I could reproduce it. I made about 10 of those. This 'Always Coca-Cola sign' is hand painted from a brush. The squeeze bottle here was the first sign I ever did for Coke. I had two cans of spray paint and a couple of magic markers. They loved it," he said.

Steve keeps even more of his past projects in the warehouse.

"Usually the floor here is covered with banners. We just have four or five out here right now," he said.

Steve has helped promote the Saints, NASCAR, beach events, Mardi Gras and LSU Football. He shows me a display made up of soft drink cartons forming the letters LSU.

"That was at Wal-Mart and when they lost, I had to take it down immediately," he said.

And have you ever wondered how they make all the outdoor vinyl signs you see on street corners, advertising events and businesses?

"I just use my hand. I've been doing this 25 or 26 years. I can do one in about two minutes," he said.

"Really and truly, I think the airplanes I built are my favorites. They're in Market Basket and they've been there about a year. They really look cool," he said.

A guitar display currently inside area Market Basket and Brookshire Brothers stores is being entered into a national contest.

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