Albert Hartwell 'dressed to impress'

Albert Hartwell

Washington Marion is known for many things ... A top-tier basketball squad ... An energetic crowd ... And the colorful ensemble of Coach Albert Hartwell.

His coaching career started over 30 years ago in the town of Bernice, Louisiana. But it wasn't until a best dressed contest years later when the fashion monster was born.

Now, his wardrobe doesn't just dominate the gym, but it also dominates his household.

Coach Hartwell has not one, not two, not three, but four closets full of clothes.

And it includes some things never seen before. And some things we may never see.

Coach Hartwell said when it's all said and done, he just wants to be remembered as a coach who gave his all to his players, but as far as his fashion goes...

"Well, I want to pass that on to one of my players or one of my coaches so some day when I walk back in the gym on a stick, I can look at them and say I did do something for you," he said.

Washington Marion won District 4-4A tonight, defeating LaGrange 70 to 64 in overtime.