Louisiana scientist working on safe oyster bed predictions

Happy Wednesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*A Louisiana scientist is working on a way to predict which oyster beds are safe for eating and it's something oyster restaurants are watching closely.

*A group of state lawmakers wants to protect higher education and healthcare from more cuts in the next legislative session.  We'll tell you how they plan to do it.

*Just as the sale between the City of Lake Charles and Mardi Gras Boardwalk for the old Harrah's property was getting close to being finalized, an issue with sound could get in the way.

*You know the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child."  One local running group is taking it another step - living the message that it takes a community to help a friend in need.  In my Healthcast, I'll show you how they're putting their feet to work, raising money for a Moss Bluff woman battling cancer.

*Maybe we can learn a little something about romance from the Japanese!  Find out how they celebrated "Love Your Wife Day."

*It's a cooler morning today, but could we see the temps drop even more?  Meteorologist Ben Terry will have the details on the cold front that moved through the area.

Make it a Sunrise day!