Beauregard Parish child stabbed to death

KPLC News Director Charlie Haldeman is substituting for Cynthia Arceneaux tonight.

The headline is as heartbreaking as the details surrounding the incident.  A Beauregard Parish man faces murder charges tonight.  Authorities believe he stabbed a 4 year old boy this afternoon at their home west of DeRidder.  KPLC's Lee Peck spoke to Beauregard Parish Sheriff Ricky Moses tonight and is gathering details on what happened and who is believed to be responsible.

Many questions are without answers on the case tonight, but authorities are still working to find out what exactly happened.  If you miss tonight's broadcast, we'll post what we know at and we'll no doubt follow up on developments throughout tomorrow.

First, the Connecticut massacre and now Beauregard Parish. Both involved the killing of children.  It begs the question:  What are we doing to keep our children safe?

As far as public schools in Calcasieu Parish are concerned, administrators talked about those concerns this evening.  KPLC's Olivia Vidal got answers from Superintendent Wayne Savoy tonight.

Teacher tenure, school board control, and a list of other issues are all at the forefront of a continued fight between state education officials and teachers.  A judge threw out parts of a law while upholding others.  The legal process isn't over either.  We'll explain.

On a more uplifting note, Oberlin, Louisiana residents were able to spot Santa Claus early.  St. Nick and District Attorney Todd Nesom were on the job today.  Their story to be told tonight just before Wade's weather forecast.

Speaking of Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton, if the weather were an amusement ride, Wade would be telling us which way the roller coaster turns.  Winds are back to the south.  Humidity is back.  But a front is on its way and Christmas may be soggy for us.

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