Louisiana voters to consider concealed carry amendment

Concealed carry amendment
Election day is under 36 hours away, and for voters in Louisiana, the president isn't the only vote on the ballot capturing attention.
There are nine state constitutional amendments you'll be asked to decide on.

"Way too many gun laws," said a Southwest Louisiana resident. "We have the second amendment. I'm a pure defender of the second amendment."

While the second amendment isn't changing, voters may make some changes to Louisiana's constitution regarding guns.

"We have guns in our house," said a local mother. "My husband's in and out of town a lot. I'm home by myself with my kids. I don't like being left in a situation where I can't defend myself and my kids. When it comes down to your kids, everything goes out the window. Whatever it takes. I think it's something important to have."

The second amendment voters will consider could add to the existing laws, making it more difficult for the government to take away guns. If approved, the amendment will make possessing a weapon a fundamental right in Louisiana, and the process of removing it would be a lengthy judicial one.

"We all have the right to bear arms," said a resident. "Certain guns, they can eliminate. But a regular .38 caliber or something like that, I think we have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves. Criminals get them, so we should have them just as well. And they're doing it by breaking the law, at least we're doing it legally."

It would also remove terms that now allow the legislature to pass laws about concealed carry.

"That's everybody's right," said another mother. "It always has been. Without that, I feel they're just taking something away from the American people, especially here in the South. Everybody hunts. It's just my feeling. We have the right to. Without it, how do we protect our family, home and what not?"

And while most people in the South support the right to bear arms, some still oppose it.

"I'm very against it," said a resident. "Me and my wife lost a son about 11 years ago do to guns, violence. So these teenagers today, they don't think. They just shoot. It's a very uncomfortable feeling for me."

The eight other amendments voters will be considering in Louisiana can be found here.

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