Oberlin parents upset over alleged incident involving parent, student

Police investigate ruckus between parent & students at Oberlin High

OBERLIN, LA (KPLC) - The police chief in Oberlin says the mother of a high school student there will be charged with three counts of battery on a school teacher and simple battery of a juvenile, after an incident Friday afternoon when the angry parent allegedly went on campus and got into in a fight with a 15 year old girl.

It all started at Oberlin High School between 2 and 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon when 35 year old Lola Fontenot allegedly went onto the campus through a back door.

Sylvia Vidrine says the woman and some students began hitting her 15 year old daughter. I was told that she scratched my daughter.  "My daughter said that she had been scratched by her and she pulled her hair, some of her hair out of her head.  And then she punched her in the face.  And then I saw the hair, that one of the police officers had her hair in an envelope when I got into the room and that's where they told me what had happened to my daughter."

Oberlin Police Chief Grady Haynes says there was no room in the jail so they initially issued a citation against Lola Fontenot for disturbing the peace by fighting and criminal trespass. "It involved several students and several adults.  And one parent was arrested and taken to the Allen Parish Jail.  Several students were detained.  Once the parent was taken to the jail, we were asked by the intake deputy to cite this parent because they didn't have room for a female," said Haynes.

Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert says the  shortage of jail space has been a problem for a long time. "We've been trying to get a new jail built here in Allen Parish for about ten years now.  Our capacity is 42 total, of which we can only handle four females without severely decreasing our male population at which we are at capacity there as well," said Hebert.

Vidrine says her daughter was examined at a local hospital and released.  She and other parents want to see security improved at the school. "It could've happened to anybody else's child in the school.  Besides, she could've come in there with a weapon or a gun or anything like that and she could've hurt somebody.  Not only the students but the faculty and all the people that work there," said Vidrine.

School officials say safety of students is their primary concern and that all precautions are being taken to ensure their safety.

Haynes met with the Allen Parish District Attorney's office this afternoon and then announced the felony charges against Fontenot.  He says the charges of battery on a school teacher involve three different teachers.

No word on whether any charges are being pursued against any juveniles involved.
 Juvenile matters are not made public.

We were not successful in reaching Lola Fontenot to see if she has a comment.

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