Londa Young

Jenny Briley grew up without knowing her mom.
Jenny Briley grew up without knowing her mom.

May 20, 2004
Reported by Janelle MacDonald

"I never really knew her," says Jenny Briley. "That hurt because I never really knew my mom, grew up without a mom."

Briley was just six months old when her mother, 19-year old Londa Young, walked out of her Sulphur home and disappeared.

"My mom went to the store to get a loaf of bread and she left me with a neighbor and she never came back. That was the only story I ever knew," Briley says.

That may not be what happened. Calcasieu cold case detectives are now looking in to Londa's disappearance, after getting a tip.

"The caller reported that Londa had been killed at that time, it had just been unreported," says Detective Danny Stephens.

Detectives say Londa Young was something of a wanderer, but had finally settled down with her baby when she disappeared.

Stephens says, "she was living in a house on Evelyn Street with her boyfriend and it was right down the street in this next block."

According to detectives, that boyfriend reported her missing after an argument. They say she was last seen walking down Evelyn Street at about three o'clock in the morning.

Stephens says, "we're just hoping that the public will remember Londa from the time that she lived here, that they would provide us with some information on maybe her disappearance, or if they know any of her relatives, if they could call us and put us in touch with her relatives."

He says Londa was very tall -- about six feet -- and very thin -- only about 110 pounds.

"She was known to be a very gentle person, not involved in a lot of activity that would lead her to be a victim of a crime," says Stephens.

Briley says, "For years, I always had that, 'Well, maybe she did die. It's a big possibility.' Then in the back of my mind, 'maybe she didn't. Maybe she just wasn't ready to be a mom.'"

She just wants answers, so 18 years later she can finally move on with her life.

If you have any information about Londa young or her disappearance, please call the CPSO Cold Case Division. That number is 491-3719.