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Good morning everyone! Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

It's apparently a case of what you see, is what you get.  Calcasieu Sheriff's deputies have arrested a 38-year-old Lake Charles man for allegedly growing marijuana in his home.  The tip-off?  Well, the suspected plant was sitting in the window of his home.

Also today, the story of one little girl with a scary diagnosis.  However, that diagnosis led doctors to discover something else…something much worse.  As bad as that may sound, we'll show you how that discovery may have actually saved her life.

Plus, it's officially the first day of summer and the beginning of prime vacation season.  If you're heading off for some fun we'll have some important tips about tipping.   How much do you tip a bellhop or housekeeping staff?  We'll run down the numbers.

Speaking of summer, get ready for numbers that will make you sweat.  Ben tells me today will be much drier overall, with most areas not seeing any rain.  By tomorrow, there won't even be a slim chance of rain, but chances are you're going to be very warm – hot even.  How hot will it get by the weekend?  Ben is working out all those details and will give you the sweltering news at noon.   He's also tracking the tropics and if you're heading to Florida you'll really want to listen up.

Have a couple of great dog stories for all of you pet lovers out there.  You can look at them now on while you're waiting for our live stream of the noon show.  One of them involves a motorcycle riding golden retriever named Cooper. See this side-car star HERE.

And while I know Sunrise anchor Britney Glaser loves animals, I never thought I'd see her get moony-eyed over a little dog.  Well, I am glad I was wrong.  Britney fell in love with a little min-pin!  I met the little sweetie myself, and I must say Cayenne's a keeper!  Check it out HERE!

See you at noon, and have a great day everyone!