92-year-old Herbert Buch still working for Buch Printing in Jennings

VIDEO: 92-year-old Herbert Buch still working for Buch Printing in Jennings
Herbert Buch
Herbert Buch
Printing Press
Printing Press

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - While printing presses have gotten more complex over the years, Herbert Buch has kept up.  Even at 92 years old.

He's the son of Joseph Buch who, in 1901, opened the Buch Printing Company in Jennings with friend, Dr. A.A. Petersen.

"Dr. Petersen had the money...my daddy had the knowledge.  So they went together and started in April" said Buch.

That knowledge trickled down three generations.  Proving this family business was a force to be reckoned with.

"My sisters worked in here and a couple of my aunts worked in here so it's been a family affair all along" Buch said.

He began working at the company at age 17.  Thursday, June 1st, marked his 75th year of working with the press and even at his age, he still maintains a tough daily schedule

"I get up around 5:515 in the morning, eat breakfast, wash dishes and sit there and watch TV until about 7:30 and then I come to work" said Buch.  "If the younger boy wants to come back I come back after supper... a lot of times it's 10 o'clock before we go home".

With the company opening over 100 years ago and Bush working for the past 75 years himself he's become somewhat of a staple in the Jennings community.

"I see him work all day long.  He goes home for dinner and comes back around six and works until about 10 or 11 at night" said Jennings business owner, Anna Romero.  "I think that's amazing at 92...I think everyone needs to learn from him" Romero added.

Working more than 12 hours each day, his tasks range from measuring and binding receipt books for clients to creating letterheads for the presses.  And he does it all with perfect precision.

"Cut paper... glue tablets and bind books for whatever has to be done" Buch said.

Buch Printing Company continues to be in full operation, printing letter heads, business cards and other items.

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