Cameron residents pray for a safe hurricane season

Cameron Parish Prays

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - On the eve of hurricane season, residents of Cameron Parish came together to hope and pray for a safe one.

With Cameron Parish right on the Gulf Coast, residents can only do so much when hurricanes hit. Thursday afternoon on May 31 at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Cameron, parishioners, along with Bishop Glen John Provost, came together to pray for a safe hurricane season.

"Many people don't realize that a lot of people who returned for [Hurricane] Rita went on to lose their homes during [Hurricane] Ike," Cameron resident Jennifer Jones said.

Jones has lived in Cameron her whole life and said there's no other place like it. When it comes to hurricanes, she's used to them, but her experiences with Hurricane Rita will always be remembered.

"I accepted that I would lose my home and my office, but I hoped that my son's grave would not be disturbed," Jones said. "He's buried right here behind the church and it was not [disturbed], so I felt very fortunate."

But many residents in Cameron weren't so fortunate. That's why they are hoping to be spared in the upcoming storm season with a mass to pray for their home and those they care most about.

Jones said she prayed for safety during the mass and "just that everybody will take the lessons we've learned in the past at heart and be grateful for what we have."

The mass ended outside of the church where a special prayer for safety during hurricane season was said.

Check out the attached video for more from Jones and the gathering of residents in Cameron.

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