Davis & Saltzman Trial: jurors watch video statement

VIDEO: Davis & Saltzman Trial: jurors watch video statement

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The jury heard from Robyn Davis's mother, daughter and Robyn Davis herself in a video statement as the trial continued.

There were at least two videos of Robyn Davis giving a statement to sheriff's deputies. In the first interview, she gave them a timeline of how she and Brian Davis spent the day he went missing. She also said he was obsessed with buying a boat and that they made a bunch of stops boat shopping and then that they parted ways so she and her good friend Sissy Saltzman could run errands.

Detective Brent Young explained they did a second video statement with Robyn Davis after they discovered inconsistencies between her statement and cell phone records.

The jury also watched a video statement of Sissy Saltzman. Saltzman was read her Miranda rights because Robyn Davis had said Sissy was with her as she ran errands on the day Brian went missing.

Earlier Robyn's mother Babbette Bartholomew testified about $4,000 she gave her daughter while Brian was missing. In a statement to deputies she said Robin said she needed money because their account was frozen because of the death investigation which would have meant Robyn said something about Brian's death before the body was found.

On the witness stand Bartholomew said she must have been confused if she said that.

Robyn's daughter Kelsey Little was also questioned about issues including life insurance proceeds when her father died. Her father was Robyn's husband before Brian and died in a car crash.

Kelsey little testified that she doesn't know how much life insurance money Robyn got from her father's death but says she remodeled the house, had a pool put in and made other purchases. She says the fact that Robyn got the life insurance money caused a rift between Robyn and her step children who thought they should have gotten some of the money.

The trial will continue until around 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

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