Accusations of dog abuse in DeRidder

Accusations of dog abuse in DeRidder
Updated: May. 1, 2012 at 10:48 PM CDT
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DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - There are accusations in Beauregard Parish, where neighbors in one DeRidder neighborhood tell 7 News the neglect has gone on for too long.

Residents off Smyrna Road in DeRidder welcomed the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office -they weren't responding to animal cruelty concerns but rather a trespassing call.

"When I got out here there was absolutely no water," said Stacey Deckwa.

Deckwa explained she came out to feed and water eight great danes she and others said were abandoned by their owners. When Deckwa returned with more dog food and water she said was met by the dog's owner who had called authorities.

"The owner was actually shoveling up the dog food that I had poured and throwing it in a bucket to throw away," said Deckwa. "The dogs look pitiful. I don't understand it."

Dianne Stanford lives next door and said the owners, Robert and Melissa Guillory, have not lived at the home for four to five months and rarely come out there to check on the dogs.

"We've had to put up with these dogs coming in our yards tearing up our trash. They are starving to death and I cannot stand to see animals starving to death," said Stanford.

Stanford and Deckwa snapped several pictures of the dogs that show the ribs and other bones protruding through the skin.

"One of the dog's bones was completely showing. And she had cuts and marks all over her where she had been in fights. So my husband felt sorry for her. So we started feeding her. Well then we had to stop because all the other dogs was coming over and they wanted food too. But I fed her this morning anyhow because she came over here. We named her baby," said Stanford.

Despite what neighbors say the pet owner said she comes out to the property regularly to feed and water the dogs. She says she even had a visit by Animal Control and passed inspection.

"They are never over here. They just showed up today because of the publicity. Never. My husband comes over here and looks at the dogs - they have no water, no food. I don't care what they say they have not been over here watering these dogs are feeding these dogs," said Stanford.

While we were there the deputy did walk the property and appeared to be taking several pictures of the conditions. Meanwhile neighbors have had enough.

"Give the dogs away if you don't want to take care of them. Give them away. There are several people that have asked us if they can have one of these dogs - they are not mine to give away," said Stanford.

"I would just like to see the dogs taken care of. I'm not about getting the people - lets just feed the dogs, lets get them healthier. Who cares about anything else than that," said Deckwa.

At this point no animal cruelty charges have been filed. One of the residents said that they have received a call from the Louisiana Humane Society and the Great Dane's Society - both of which are expected to get involved.

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