Davis & Saltzman trial: Statements, cross examination and photos

VIDEO: Davis & Saltzman trial: Statements, cross examination and photos

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Prosecutor Rick Bryant gave a brief opening statement Friday morning in the second degree murder trial of Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman.

He told jurors his opening would serve as a road map, but that the circumstantial case will unfold through the myriad of witnesses who will testify.

Bryant told jurors Brian Davis's body was found at the end of Wagon Wheel Road two days after he went missing and that he had been shot four times.

Bryant said the investigation included video interviews with Davis and Saltzman and that eventually the breakthrough was when detectives determined that phone records showed inconsistencies in what Robyn Davis had told them. Bryant told jurors they will also hear about bank records and insurance. He said Brian Davis had about $700,000 in life insurance policies.

Bryant also showed a picture of Brian Davis when he was alive saying most other pictures jurors will see are of a gruesome nature.

Bryant also told jurors Brian Davis was not perfect and that he had an affair and was caught cheating on his wife.

Defense Attorney for Robyn Davis, Glen Vamvoras, told jurors Davis and Saltzman were on trial for their lives for a crime they didn't commit.

In his opening statement, Vamvoras told jurors about various holes in the state's case including what he called the trampling and contamination of the crime scene. He said a critical piece of evidence in the case, surveillance video of Big Lake Road was missing. Vamvoras says the evidence is lost so they could not use it to set the defendants free.

Vamvoras also told jurors Brian Davis's girlfriend will admit that he liked to have sex outside in areas such as where his body was found.

He also said they will refute the state's experts dealing with cell phone calls bouncing off various towers and what the records mean.

Saltzman defense attorney Shane Hinch gave an opening statement saying cell phone records are not precise as far as showing where people are and when. He told jurors there were overzealous police officers who zeroed in too quickly on Davis and Saltzman thereby missing other important evidence that might have led to whoever was responsible for the killing.

Cross examination of the witnesses were slow and tedious. The defense questioned deputies about their every move at the scene and who they saw and what each person was doing.

The defense tried to suggest deputies trampled and contaminated the scene inadequately maintaining what they call crime scene integrity, thereby irreparably harming the investigation.

The man who discovered the body of Brian Davis was the state's first witness in the evidence portion of the trial.

James Penny says was at a nearby Fred's Lounge when he decided to test drive a jeep for a patron having car trouble.

When he drove it down Wagon Wheel Lane he spotted the body and then went back to Fred's Lounge to get help.

Cameron Deputy Donald Ogea was at Fred's lounge and called 911.

Jurors viewed crime scene photos in the second degree murder trial of Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman.

The photos showed the car at the scene of the murder which was a blue Honda Accord with one side jacked up and lug nuts removed from a tire, while a spare was on the ground next to the car.

When the body was first discovered the car trunk was open along with the doors of the car. One deputy testified he closed the trunk in order to be able to see and run the license plate, which came back to Robyn Little also known as Robyn Davis. In the pictures the car doors are closed and so far no one testified who closed the doors.

Photos also shown on a screen in the courtroom included gruesome pictures of Brian Davis's body which, at that stage, was in the early stages of decomposition. So far, five witnesses have testified starting with the man who found the body. The other four witnesses were deputies.

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