CyphaCon comes to the Civic Center for its second year

CyphaCon 2012

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Civic Center housed the second annual CyphaCon on Saturday, April 14.

CyphaCon is a sci-fi, anime and gaming convention. It's an event for people to come together to see people who share the same things in common.

"An event like this allows them to come out and do it with their friends and blend in, and mingle and share secrets with each other on the trade," CyphaCon Administrator Greg McIntosh said. "To watch the energy of the crowd when they come together is really neat."

For its second year, he said the popularity has increased. More than 500 people from the Lake Charles area and surrounding areas participated in CyphCon this year. And many of the patrons dress the part.

"We've seen all kinds of anime characters. We've seen people in Star Trek uniforms. We've seen Darth Vader and we've seen the predators," McIntosh said.

But the biggest draw of the convention was a video game that simulates robot combat.

The game is called Mech Corps. and Mech Corps. Commanding Officer, Phrogg, said players sit in "pods" which contain the joystick and screens to simulate robot combat.

"Basically this is based upon the game Battle Tech, so you're in robot combat in year 3050 fighting each other in giant walking battle tanks," Phrogg said. "Chicks dig giant robots."

There was a costume contest and CyphaCon will be on the second floor of the Civic Center on Sunday, April 15 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Check out the attached video to see more from Cyphacon.

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