Suddenlink imposes Internet usage cap

Suddenlink internet usage allowance
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Local Suddenlink customers want answers after many received letter stating their internet usage will be capped.

Suddenlink provides cable and internet to thousands of people across the country.

Soon, some of those customers will have to start paying closer attention to the amount of internet they're using.

The company sent out letters announcing a new internet usage allowance.

The amount of internet you're allowed to use depends on what speed of internet you pay for. Some of their customers may have to cut back or pay more.

"You pay for a service," said customer Jason Tomassi. "And if you pay for a service, than why are you getting punished for using too much internet?"

Suddenlink officials say this program will actually help those who don't abuse their internet options.

"All along our goal has been to focus this program on the very few who are using many many times more than the average, potentially causing problems for others," said Pete Abel, vice president of corporate communications for Suddenlink.

Internet usage is measured in gigabytes. According to Suddenlink, the number of gigabytes allowed per month depends on the internet download speed you pay for. According to Abel, customers use only a fraction of the gigabytes allowed currently.

"The average usage in gigabytes is 22 gigabytes per month," said Abel. "We've set our allowance at 250 gigabytes per month, which is more than ten times higher than the average."

But for Tomassi, that's still not okay.

"I want to switch," said Tomassi. "I want somebody else to come into the area."

So why the sudden change?

Abel said it's not about the money, but more about the one percent of Suddenlink customers who have been taking advantage of their internet services.

"We want to make sure that the 99% of customers who have average internet usage continue to have a great internet experience," said Abel.

Abel also said the new program is not aimed at companies like Netflix. In fact, he said customers can watch ten hours of streamed movies from Netflix per day and still not exceed their monthly internet allowance.

Internet through AT&T is available in places in the area, but not everywhere. In some places, Suddenlink is the only option right now.

The best way to monitor your own Suddenlink internet usage is by signing into your account on line.

Once signed in, click the 'My Internet Usage Summary' tab. The amount of gigabytes you've used will be there.

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