Pit bull attacks 4-year-old Sulphur boy

Pit bull attack on child

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - A pit bull attack on a young Sulphur boy Saturday evening disturbed what residents claim to be a quiet neighborhood.

Four-year-old Dacoryin Ledoux was playing in a neighbor's yard when his mother, Phyllis Ledoux, said a pit bull at the residence attacked her son. She went outside after hearing the commotion. Her neighbor was running towards her holding Dacoryin.

"I jumped off the porch, running, screaming, hollering my baby my baby my baby. She hollered my dog attacked your baby," said Ledoux.

She rushed Dacoryin to the hospital where he underwent surgery to close wounds on his face, arm and ear.

"I was telling him and my little girl that y'all all that I have," said Ledoux. "If anything ever happened to y'all, I'd lose my mind. He was just looking at me and he said momma don't cry. Don't cry momma."

Ledoux says Dacoryin knows exactly what happened.

"He says the dog jumped in the girls arms, grabbed him down, and held him down, and just started scratching him everywhere," said Ledoux.

Dacoyrin's uncle Randall Armelin says the owner stepped inside for a minute before the dog attacked. The girl holding him ran inside for help.

"We really glad she didn't go into a state of shock and get traumatized and she was able to stop the dog, otherwise we think our little man would've been, it would have been more crucial that what it is," said Armelin.

The dog was put down, and the family is pursuing justice.

"If you're going to have a vicious dog like that, than you should take and be more cautious on what you do with an animal like that," said Armelin.

Dacoryin will have to undergo plastic surgery in the future to help with the scarring around his eye.

The family did receive news that the dog did not test positive for rabies.

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