Prosecutor to child rapist: You're the worst of the worst

Published: Jan. 6, 2012 at 8:50 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 7, 2012 at 12:40 PM CST
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David Saracino, aka, David Iburg was sentenced Friday to forty years in prison, the maximum sentence for forcible rape of a four year old girl in 2004. Judge David Ritchie told Saracino in court that he is the type of person for whom maximum sentences are designed.

Saracino was charged for the crime in 2004 and pleaded guilty in September 2011.

Prosecutor Cynthia Guillory told the judge, Saracino is among the worst of the worst, a predator who sought out single women with financial problems to gain access to their small children, who then became his victims.

Saracino tried to withdraw his plea, saying he didn't understand how much prison time he might get. Saracino then gave a lengthy recitation of scripture verses in an apparent attempt to suggest judgement should be reserved for a higher authority.

Guillory said Saracino deserved an academy award, but pointed out the Bible also warns against harming children. Judge Ritchie said many small children have been hurt by Saracino, and that it's his (Ritchie's) job to protect society from him.

Saracino was on the run for a number of years, and has charges and convictions in Texas and Utah, as well as Louisiana. He was caught only after being featured on America's Most Wanted. Members of his church in Orange, Texas helped authorities capture Saracino.

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